It has been 19 days since it last rained here. The outdoor temperatures have been in the mid-70s. The area’s almond orchards are blooming in waves about a week earlier than last year.

Our deciduous plants are waking up! We planted a nectarine this winter and it is beginning to grow. Our California Roses, which are in the same family as nectarines — Rosaceae — are also beginning to grow back. The elderberries are starting to fill out and the Ceanothuses are a few weeks away from flowering. The Manzanitas are already flowering white and pink lanterns. We’re still harvesting mandarins and they are very sweet now. There are two Valencia oranges on the verge of being ripe enough.

We had to irrigate our citrus as it’s been literally too gorgeous; the rain needs to come back. But please, no hard freezes.

Our recently planted nectarine is starting its journey growing branches:

Nectarine is beginning to grow new branches


The California Wild Roses are putting on new growth:

Fresh growth on a California Wild Rose