Today I had to remove a trespassing & bird harassing “Happy Birthday To You” balloon from our mandarin tree and then dispose of it. A birthday card can say as much. 🙄

happy birth balloon stick in a mandarin tree that has ripe oranges on itabout to cut into a trespassing happy Birthday balloon a drip tube cutter cutting deeply into a happy balloon

Last night’s roast beef dinner. Sunday night came early! 🤭

Random aircraft photo of mine from 2005 at Incheon International Airport, Republic of South Korea. You won’t see lined up 747s like this anymore.08272005 1286 IMG 2580

Today we moved our lemon grass over a few feet to give our new Asian pear tree some room. Then we finally mulched the area. Looking good! BTW, our electric tiller is amazing. Way better than hacking away at compacted soil with pick & shovel.

On Twitter, Matt Roberts, an atmospheric science student, showed a spike in atmospheric pressure at Half Moon Bay airport around 4am. Likely caused by the Tonga eruption. Looked at my weather station and it registered a spike after 4 am. Impressive. Minor(?) tsunami inbound.

Honey bees are apparently feeding on bird seed dust. Never seen this behavior before. More photos on Flickr.

On today’s walk, there was a very photogenic & easy-going Black Phoebe. This one did not want to leave their tree.

My favorite person made cinnamon rolls today for tomorrow morning and another weekend (raw rolls apparently freeze well).

In the great valley of California, one learns to appreciate winter clouds after summer’s constant blue or smokey sky.

A very frosty morning today. My weather station read a low of 29°F just after midnight.

frosty sagefrosty crop rowsfrosty cilantro