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Today I had to remove a trespassing & bird harassing “Happy Birthday To You” balloon from our mandarin tree and then dispose of it. A birthday card can say as much. 🙄

happy birth balloon stick in a mandarin tree that has ripe oranges on itabout to cut into a trespassing happy Birthday balloon a drip tube cutter cutting deeply into a happy balloon

A very frosty morning today. My weather station read a low of 29°F just after midnight.

frosty sagefrosty crop rowsfrosty cilantro

I planted two Asian pear trees today. A New Century (1st photo) and a Hosui (2nd photo). They’re from Stark Bro’s. These may be the last fruit trees I ever plant.

After a few years of iPhone night mode, high ISO photography (as high as 12800) with my X100V is pretty nice. I really can’t be bothered by the noise since the X100V results in most circumstances look way better than blotchy iPhone night mode.

I had rain gage issues the last big rain & wind storm. A mast pole was slightly loose so I wedged it in tighter. I also added weight to the bottom of the structure. It is level and the tipping bucket is not sticky. Hope that increases accuracy in wind despite shrubs.

“What was my Fujifilm Recipe?” macOS Shortcut update: exiftool now preserves the original file dates (-P) and it now overwrites the original file (-overwrite_original). I also added a Shortcut example for batch processing photos using a selection in Finder. Find all this on the Shortcut’s webpage.

Moravian star - the most festive our house gets on the exterior.

Better B&W Recipe Detection and exif Keywords added to macOS "What was my Fujifilm Recipe" Shortcut

I know that many people choose Fujifilm cameras for black and white photography. I hadn’t explored B&W photography yet so the original macOS “What was my Fujifilm Recipe” didn’t include one specific B&W recipe ingredient: BWAdjustment (Warm/Cool aka WC). So to better match black and white recipes, I’ve added the BWAdjustment exif tag that includes Warm/Cool (WC). Unfortunately, Magenta & Green (MG) setting for black and white toning doesn’t seem to be available in exiftool.

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