Went to the Grand Canyon yesterday. Over 250 photos to sort through but here’s two photos from the Bright Angel Trail. Obligatory one of the canyon and then… hops‽

look into the Grand Canyon from the bright angel trailCommon hops with a blurred canyon background

Pandoc now available for M1 Macs via Homebrew

The amazing document converter, Pandoc, is finally available from Homebrew for M1 Macs! So I’ve adjusted my journal workflow to be on my M1 Mac mini. I’ll use

jhead -autorot *.jpeg
(instead of Graphic Convertor since I only have one license and I want it on my MacBook Pro) for autorotating photos and
for f in *.md; do pandoc $f -o ./Archive/${f%.md}.pdf -t latex; done
to convert the Markdown files to PDFs.

We harvested 2.5 pounds of tomatoes today. Almost 6 pounds total so far this season. We can’t use them that fast so many go in the freezer for future processing into soup, sauce, jam, etc. Same goes for peppers reserved for hot sauce🤤

tomatoes sitting on a scale reading about 2 pounds

We have a crazy amount of tomatoes ripening all at once — this is just one plant. We have three more.😳 Marigolds we started from seed are finally blooming.

ripening tomatoes on a plant with human hand for scalemarigolds with seranos behind them

I can hardly wait for Shortcuts on MacOS. That’s my favorite announcement from WWDC. Automator never clicked for me. I’m willing to wait so bugs hopefully won’t destroy my Shortcuts or iCloud data.

These Santa Fe peppers are prolific! They seem to be more resistant to disease than jalapeños. 🌱

I’ve always loved listening to entire albums, as is evidence by my iOS Shortcut to randomize complete albums in track order. I don’t need that anymore. The Albums app is everything I always wanted Music.app to be. Shoutout to MacStories for letting me know about it!Albums app for iOS showing the queue as... albums. Lovely.

One day at 111°F in my sunny backyard and another at 105°F, and my Logitech Circle View doorbell has not overheated. Its circumstances: 24V 20VA transformer, north facing in the shade all day. I’m quite pleased with it.

Logitech Circle View doorbell by a red front door

Happy to say this sap sucking Leptoglossus zonatus is no longer suckling our tomato plants. 🌱

sap sucking bug on a ripening tomatocaught Leptoglossus zonatus in gloves showing its zigzag markings

These jalapeños decided they had enough being outdoors and came right off the plant during inspection. They look fit to eat though are a little dried out. 🌱

Our oldest jalapeños are starting to ripen to red. We can’t get delicious ripe peppers from the local store so it is worth growing them. We’ve got a few more days of temperatures where fruit will set… and tons of flowers. Should be very productive! 🌱

a jalapeño that is slowly turning red

Serrano & Santa Fe peppers are doing great and just a few dozen tomatoes with end rot. Jalapeños are quickly recovering from black spot. Thai peppers are so close to fruiting and fennel bulbs are growing (not shown). 🌱 Nice long Serrano pepper A bunch of Santa Fe peppers coming in tomato end rot presenting with brown soft circles on the bottom tomato plants

Partner made Boston cream pie (dessert after an amazing ribeye). 🤤

I created a shuffle albums Shortcut a while back. It’s now retired for the iOS Albums app. It’s great with its focus on albums and I love its insights. Album’s new releases section isn’t polluted with artists from Apple Music’s Radio.

With the latest iOS, if a martini is in my face, Apple Watch unlocks my phone 🤗

California Corn Lilies contrast with a burned Forest. There’s possibly shallow groundwater below this patch.

Green corn lilies amidst dark brown and black burned trees and soil broad green leaves of corn lily with a few red ladybugs

iNaturalist hasn’t confirmed but these purple flowers appear to be Moss Phlox (Phlox subulata) near the cirque & summit of Black Butte in the northern Coast Range of California in the Mendocino National Forest. Again, the rocks make the shot!

First bloom of the peppers. Serranos in this case. 🌱

white serrano pepper flowers and a deep red ladybug on a leaf

Cultivated California Wild Grapes are looking great after a heavy prune. I always forget to take before photos 🌱

My #RaspberryShake detected a M3.9 earthquake in the Bartlett Springs Fault Zone just northwest of Lake Pillsbury in the Mendocino National Forest. I was asleep — happened today at 04:18 PDT. Probably just shook a few rocks loose.

Might be a Copestylum mexicanum (Mexican cactus fly). If so, it is fittingly on a cultivated California wild rose flower.

Peppers and tomatoes garden update: tomatoes are flowering and peppers are finally growing post-transplant. The Drip Depot crop row irrigation kit is ace. 🌱

iOS Shortcut: RaspberryShake Helicorder 24 Hour PDT Plot

I’ve a RaspberryShake that serves up helicorder plots. By default, they’re in UTC. My brain isn’t yet wired to convert UTC to PDT (my local time). So I’ve modified my original shortcut to overlay PDT onto the left Y-axis. Someday I’ll make this a bit more sophisticated such as switching to standard time or be fully international.

As with the last Shortcut, this one assumes your Shake is resolved at rs.local

Get the Helicorder24PDT iOS Shortcut

Older 4/12 Shortcut version

Our “Bacon” Avocado tree is blooming basically right on time as compared to last year on April 11th. It has yet to produce any fruit and it is supposed to be self-pollinating. 🌱🌳

We planted all our indoor pepper and tomato starts. The Serranos looked most distressed prior to transplant 🤞🌱