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This last week was insane and that is why I posted the Sourdough Dashi Scallion Pancakes twice for the micro.blog August challenge. Is that cheating? Well, at least they were different photos. Also there is still a lot of Regina Spektor being played. And now Rilo Kiley.

So much Regina Spektor in my playlist lately.

I can’t say if it’s related but I haven’t received any mail for four days now. I can say that’s highly unusual and concerning.


At the USDA, I’m not allowed to telework as I haven’t been personally affected by SARS-CoV-2. I’m capable of telework and I prefer it. Guess they’re waiting for mass infections at workplaces first. USDA significantly curtailed telework ~two years ago.

There’s a retirement party this Saturday. Could be up to 100 people. So far it’s not postponed or cancelled. I started getting very anxious over SARS-CoV-2 so I’m no longer going.

This is a nightmare.