Coconut-Gochujang Glazed Chicken With Broccoli is pretty good. We added Gochugaru (Korean pepper flakes) for extra heat. Would recommend serving as a rice bowl though. It begged for a bowl.

Kimchi-Brined Fried Chicken

Kimchi-Brined Fried Chicken Sandwich Recipe by J. Kenji López-Alt is an excellent recipe — those with lower spice tolerance may want to drizzle the finishing sauce instead of liberally brushing. We did not make the sandwich, but served simply with white rice and kimchi.Kimchi-Brined Fried Chicken

Falafel on a grid.

These Sourdough Dashi Scallion crepes were not stationary for long.

Peppers among peppers. Nachos for dinner tonight. The red jalapeño and yellow wax peppers were home grown.

The makings of Chai ice cream (admittedly without the tea).

Sous Vide Filet Mignon, Medium Rare

We set the Filet Mignon into the water bath (in a bag of course, air displaced by water so water touches as much steak surface as possible), then set the Sous Vide to 130ºF. Once the water hit 130ºF, we set the timer for an hour to officially start the cook. When the Sous Vide cook was finished, we removed them to pat them dry, and then generously salt and peppered them. We then seared them off in a smoking hot cast iron pan with a tiny bit of peanut oil. After about 1 minute and 15 seconds, we flipped the filets, put unsalted butter in the pan, and basted the heck out of them for about a minute. So after about 2 minutes and 30 seconds of searing heat, we removed them and put a bit of finishing salt on them. This method worked perfectly for Medium Rare-- without the guess work of typical cooking methods! The steaks weren’t mushy, which can happen if you overcook thin pieces of meat in a Sous Vide.

Sous videFilet Mignon

Tostones or patacones (made whenever we find green plantains at SavMor, which isn’t often). 😋

[Crispy Cheese and Kimchi-Topped Skillet Rice]( — quite delicious.

... made from the left over Bulgogi the next day, Bibimbap! Crisped up the white rice a bit too.

Homemade Bulgogi.

Inaugural cook on the Baking Steel Mini Griddle. We love the original size for pizza, cooking lots of vegetables etc but it is too big for most of our griddle applications.

Lunchtime snack: Sweet Cherries fresh from the backyard tree.

Freshly churned strawberry ice cream.

Lunch today: Chuck Roast (left over) Sandwich. Cooked on Baking Steel.

chuck roast (left over) sandwiches on homemade sourdough. The Baking Steel is pretty great as a griddle.

Homemade Naan atop a piping hot Baking Steel.

Falafel soft tacos tonight since we had dry chickpeas, the herb garden was begging for it, and we always have corn tortillas. Topped with red onion quick pickle and herbed buttermilk 🧆

Our (majority) whole wheat crust pizza.

Home fried sweet potato chips. Because we didn’t use the potato in a Massaman curry last week (had spaghetti instead).

Yellow Dal w/Garlic & Brown Basmati and make ahead veggie enchiladas all at once.

Takeout from a local Orland, CA restaurant. Even in rural California, online takeout is available! Several restaurants here are offering online orders or call-in. One restaurant has kits to make meals. Another has frozen takeout. 🤞

Sous Vide London Broil (Beef)

We had a two pound London Broil in the freezer chest and nowhere to go because of SARS-CoV-2. Might as well try Sous Vide!

We did the water displacement method with a 1-gallon freezer bag. I massaged out as many air bubbles as possible. I also pinched the sides of the bag together. The idea is to make sure as much direct contact happens with as much meat surfaces as possible with water.

Straight out of the Sous Vide bag the meat is grey and even more oddly, not leaking juices (which always happens with meat removed from blazing hot cooking environments creating a huge temperature and pressure gradient):

IMG 2265

Then we cooked it in the water bath for 8 hours at 132ºF or 55.56ºC for 8 hours. It looked grey straight out of the bath and was as you’d expect after reading Kenji’s The Food Lab. 

We seared it off in a smoking hot cast iron on all sides and suddenly it was quite appealing to the eye! (plus actually added tangible flavor at the crust).

Seared off in a smoking hot cast-iron gave the meat some color and delicious Maillard reaction

IMG 2266

We’ll do this again but next time try it at 131ºF or 55ºC; some of the meat closest to the surface was getting close to over cooked despite still being mid-rare. The meat had just enough chew after being thinly sliced. I doubt this tough cut could get any more tender. I’ll also push the meat down flush against the cast-iron to get better color and take my time searing the sides.

Mid-rare doneness - tender enough and not dried out:

IMG 2270

Not going anywhere unless necessary so time to try Sous Vide London Broil. Just under two pounds of meat held at 132°F/55.6°C for 8 hours. Just salt and pepper for the beef. Will sear it to finish.

There are many **vision**s brewing in these caskets at [Moksa Brewery](