Nothing but pleasant emotions with a view like this. I wish this were my backyard but so glad I had the presence of mind to take this photo. Hidden Lakes area, Lassen National Forest.

Daytripping in mid-October can result in this view of Mount Lassen from Brokeoff Mountain. 2019.

Fissures bisect land in the Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness. The massive landslide is moving to the left. Late 2019.

Shooting Star or Primula hendersonii (maybe) at Hidden Lakes, Lassen National Forest last Friday 6/12.

Hidden Lakes, Lassen National Forest

We went on a hike to the Hidden Lakes in the Caribou Wilderness on the Lassen National Forest. It started at the Hay Meadows Trail Head, north of Lake Almanor, California. It was six miles of relatively flat hiking with periodic steep inclines. The trails were not at all crowded, though we brought masks just in case.

We saw a male Western Tanager (bird). I cropped to zoom:

Western Tanager on a snag

A closer view, using Pixelmator Pro’s ML Super Resolution with crop:

IMG 3227


And plenty of lakes — here’s Long Lake:

Long Lake

And plenty of Basalt of Hidden Lakes:

Basalt of Hidden Lakes

The Shooting Star flowers were brilliant:

IMG 3283

Armillaria mellea. Honey mushroom 🥾

Looking toward Saint John Mountain from near Fouts Springs, CA. Chaparral plants.

Visited some tree frogs in the forest today. Pseudacris sierra.

A very good lake. 🥾

Yesterday: Mount Shasta from near Mount Linn. 🥾

Trees & rocks. 🥾

Mount Lassen. 🥾

I neglected to post a photo of Lassen National Park’s Brokeoff Mountain. The hike to its summit was 👌🥾

I love a sun-dappled wet meadow with accenting volcanic rocks! Yesterday, on the trail to Brokeoff Mountain in Lassen National Park.🥾

Today: Mount Lassen from Brokeoff Mountain.🥾