Not sure why the M4.2 Lake Tahoe earthquake event isn’t showing up in the RaspberryShake app but my Shake definitely detected it. I did not feel it.

M4.7 earthquake near Truckee, CA on May 6 at 21:35 was recorded on my #RaspberryShake. I did not feel it.

Fairly rare earthquake (M3.0) in Chico, CA today at 11:26PDT. The #RaspberryShake managed to record it though I didn’t feel it 😕 I just noticed it occurred.

Japan — was that you, M6.8‽ #RaspberryShake

And here’s the follow-up @raspishake graphic of the M3.7 at Lake Tahoe.

The M3.8 Earthquake near Incline Village, CA at 15:33 UTC/08:33 PDT isn’t yet on the RaspberryShake app but it may well have been recorded by my @raspishake

M6.5 Tonga earthquake registered on my #RaspberryShake - first non-local earthquake I’ve seen recorded! Took 12 minutes for the seismic waves to hit my station.

My #RaspberryShake detected a M3.9 earthquake in the Bartlett Springs Fault Zone just northwest of Lake Pillsbury in the Mendocino National Forest. I was asleep — happened today at 04:18 PDT. Probably just shook a few rocks loose.

I just noticed there was another small M2.8 earthquake near Willows, CA last night. This was also clearly detected by my #RaspberryShake — so cool.

Now that is a clear, unambiguous seismic signal! M3.7 near Willows, CA. I didn’t feel it. #RaspberryShake

iOS Shortcut: RaspberryShake Helicorder 24 Hour PDT Plot

I’ve a RaspberryShake that serves up helicorder plots. By default, they’re in UTC. My brain isn’t yet wired to convert UTC to PDT (my local time). So I’ve modified my original shortcut to overlay PDT onto the left Y-axis. Someday I’ll make this a bit more sophisticated such as switching to standard time or be fully international.

As with the last Shortcut, this one assumes your Shake is resolved at rs.local

Get the Helicorder24PDT iOS Shortcut

Older 4/12 Shortcut version

This seems like a legit earthquake signal. Happened in the middle of the night April 2nd so cultural noise is minimal.

#Earthquake recorded on the #RaspberryShake #CitizenScience seismic network. See what’s shaking near you with the @raspishake #ShakeNet mobile app

iOS Shortcut: RaspberryShake Helicorder 24 Hour Plot

I rapidly made a iOS 14 Shortcut that automatically pulls the last 24 hours of helicorder plots from your #RaspberryShake (it assumes a rs.local hostname). Handy to have on the Home Screen. Let me know if there’s any problems. If you’re not in the US west coast, you’ll need to adjust to UTC from your time zone (look for Add 7 hours). Get it here.

Older 3/28 Shortcut version