The Annie Cat maximizing sunlight.

black and white cat on a perch taking in a sun beam

The Annie Cat has seasons. She only uses the wool bed during the cold season.

The Annie Cat is so displeased that the game controller isn’t working right.

The Annie Cat is not always relentless at being judgy. Sometimes she looks borderline benevolent.

This perch is pretty much The Annie Cat’s summer home during the day.

The Annie Cat in silhouette.

The Annie Cat is black-and-white and loves self-scritching her mouth and cheeks (don’t all cats?)

The Annie Cat in a box.

Realized we can keep our front door open with closed screen because there shouldn’t be door to door sales people right now. The Annie Cat is in heaven.

So my iPhone has started detecting The Annie Cat as a focus area!

Today’s sourdough with a side of Annie Cat stare.

The Annie Cat waiting patiently for the nighttime brushing routine to begin.

The Annie Cat enjoying her heated bed that comes out every fall. 🐈