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A very frosty morning today. My weather station read a low of 29°F just after midnight.

frosty sagefrosty crop rowsfrosty cilantro

I had rain gage issues the last big rain & wind storm. A mast pole was slightly loose so I wedged it in tighter. I also added weight to the bottom of the structure. It is level and the tipping bucket is not sticky. Hope that increases accuracy in wind despite shrubs.

Cooler weather = bread baking season. My partner made Sourdough specifically for stuffing. Excellent priorities.

well caramelized sourdough loaf on a rack.

Cooler weather today meant I could finally cleanup the backyard garden. I can’t believe how hardy pepper plants are. Most were still alive despite a few months of zero irrigation.

Good morning! The weather in Northern California is starting to feel like fall. 😍

I love fixing cracked main drip line tubing and a bad pressure regulator seal in 100°F weather. I took this as an opportunity to remove previous temporary fixes and an unnecessary valve.

the old leaky tubingthe repaired not leaky tubing

Covered up the avocados again in advance of today’s 110°F weather. Every time we do this it gets simpler and better. Wrapping the sheet around a ladder is genius.

Sheets covering two avocado trees