Sourdough biscuits for breakfast today. With the X100V, learning manual focus & judicious aperture settings are key for food. And willing use of the flash. The flash on this camera is good! But don’t use the Velvia Film Simulation with flash as shadows get a very blue cast.

biscuits with red paprika on a plate

We’ve got patty melts and a cat tonight, but no Aurora.

Oh hello there! 👋

upside down mantis in california buckwheat

I love not spending tons of time processing RAW by using Fujifilm X100V’s Film Simulations. These on-camera JPEGs look great and Fujifilm X Raw Studio makes slight tweaks using the original RAW a breeze. Definitely getting all value out of this fun camera.

Backyard scene with citrus trees against cedar bark and vivid blue skies with clouds

My current drip system is an aging hodgepodge with uneven tree watering. I just got a bunch of new drip stuff from (20% sale). Will be converting compression fittings to perma-loc. That’s more flexible and fittings are, importantly, easily reusable.

Fridge water dispenser started leaking. Its valve refuses to completely close. This has been an on and off problem but now is permanent. I had to remove the water line junction because there’s no valve. Plumbing is the worst as I never trust that my connections are leak free🤞

water line junction to remove so as to disconnect the fridge water line going to the rightwater line junction removed from the under sink plumbing.

This little backyard lizard lives underneath that cinder block.

juvenile lizard sunning on a cinder block

Chocolate chip with walnut cookie connections.

Turkey taquitos. Fried. Meaning delicious.

browned fried taquitos on a grid rack

So much rain and soon far too much in too few days. 1” total so far this month.

water dripping off a silohette of grapes. water drops are reflecting things and are in focus.

This morning after 0.55” rain. The clouds cleared out astonishingly fast.

No rest for birds this time of the year. Here’s a Yellow Rumped Warbler (lower right) and Lesser Gold Finch (upper left) in our cultivated native grapes.

Yellow Rumped Warbler (lower right) and Lesser Gold Finch (upper left) in our cultivated native grapes.

We got the JJ Covid-19 vaccination very early this year so of course we just went and got Pfizer boosters 🙌

Our cat utilizing all her available space.

I don’t do sports but I have a backyard.

rainy day in a landscaped backyard

Bird bath mirror.

First measurable precipitation of the 2022 water year in Orland, CA! 🎉

As a follow up, I’ve updated an older Fujifilm Get Film Simulation iOS Shortcut to now include ACROS and Monochrome simulations. This has only been tested on JPEGs from an X100V. Get this not well tested iOS Shortcut here.. For everyone else, enjoy a stuffing waffle using the Velvia film simulation.

crispy stuffing waffle

There’s a thoughtful post on Fuji X Weekly. After spending several weeks with a X100V, I’m in agreement with the utility and power of Fujifilm Film Simulations. As a hobbyist, it is liberating embracing Fujifilm out-of-camera JPEGs. I barely need the RAW Power app.

Cooler weather = bread baking season. My partner made Sourdough specifically for stuffing. Excellent priorities.

well caramelized sourdough loaf on a rack.

Ethereal light shafts in a coastal forest (Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park in California). From 2015.

Perma-loc splice is an okay fix for drip tape punctured by fighting cats. Please keep your cats indoors. Cats are destructive of not only wildlife but also your neighbor’s stuff.

Of all the animals we see in our backyard, the western toad is our favorite. It was very loud tonight in the leaves. Just look at that foot!!

Hygge in the neighborhood. Hygge is part of today’s challenge.

M6.9 earthquake in Alaska registered on my RaspberryShake.