Things I look forward to in the Biden-Harris administration:

  • Countless backwards and terrible Executive Orders being rescinded or replaced (I’ll refrain from naming specific ones but most recently the Schedule F that would have converted civil servant positions to political appointments was soul crushing and made the stakes even high for me, personally). Civil servants at all levels must not be political in their work, no matter who is president!
  • Hopefully many regulations that haven’t yet been promulgated will die and Agencies will review and rewrite already Trump Administration implemented regulations
  • If we get Senate control, many new and implemented regulations could be rescinded
  • Department and Agency political appointments that actually know something about what they’re managing!
  • USPS and FCC will not have boards/commissioners of clearly partisan hacks
  • No more stark nepotism
  • No more in-your-face conflicts of interest
  • Countries allied or friendly with us will respect America again and travelers will no longer be embarrassed or afraid
  • Permanently fix and never again allow a future president to wedge apart now-apparent cracks in our democracy
  • Diversity!
  • Science!

I expect so, so much. No one should ever sit out a presidential election – who is president matters in so many ways. I hope everyone will realize that soon.