I’ve got a slate of six Film Simulations from Fuji X Weekly loaded on my X100V. Fuji X Weekly’s Film Recipes app is nice for a quick reference. Here’s what I’ll be working with for a while in hopes of greatly limiting RAW reprocessing with Straight-Out-Of-Camera (SOOC) JPEGs:

I figured out how to use Fujifilm X Raw Studio to save user settings to the camera. Depending on the RAW you’re using to create a user setting, it may not let you set a higher Dynamic Range so one must find a RAW shot with that dynamic range or higher or adjust that setting on the camera. I made sure to copy these to X Raw Studio’s User Settings to keep a backup. Oddly enough, the User Settings have more restrictions on allowable characters than the camera itself. As a Mac user, X Raw Studio is clunky as heck and has needless alert dialogs but it works well enough. It is clearly purpose built.