Last night an RV and car caught fire behind us. As far as I know, no one was injured. Here are better photos of the action. There was a really nice full moon last night, too, though thin clouds fuzzed it up a bit. #fujifilm

A wide angle view of the RV and car on fire, in front of an overpass. Two fire trucks are parked in front of the blaze on a gravel lot with some ponding.Night time photo of the front half of an RV on fire along with a car parked right next to it. Flames are roaring out th front of both vehicles. An Orland Fire Department truck sits in front of it all.

Fire fighter in full respirator equipment with a hose flooding the interior of the car that's on fire. Burning fluids drop below the car, like lava. The car is extremely charred.

Sparks fly as a fire fighter cuts open the hood in efforts to make the burning vehicle safe.

Nothing but a full moon and its glow. The darker seas of the moon are easily visible.