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Our front yard cultivated native fuchsias are still blooming. All summer, with minimal added water, and into winter. Amazing plants.

A Feijoa sellowiana of ours got very stressed this summer because of a clogged irrigation emitter. It is now flowering out of season. A nice surprise.

Our street is nicely obscured from the front yard by cultivated native California plants. They rarely get watered but has been more frequent the past two summers. California buckwheat is showy now with its rust colors and white flowers.

Preying Mantis in our California Buckwheat (Eriogonum fasciculatum). They sure do keep two eyes on you.

Sunflower seeds ready to be eaten by backyard birds. Bet the scrub jays will cache them all.

sunflower seeds in a dried out sunflower head.

California fuchsias still blooming, and that makes our hummingbirds very pleased.

blooming red fuchsia flowershummingbird hovering above our driveway

Volunteer sunflower from this morning. It took advantage of an emitter and I’m a sucker for known flowering volunteers 🌱

We have a crazy amount of tomatoes ripening all at once — this is just one plant. We have three more.😳 Marigolds we started from seed are finally blooming.

ripening tomatoes on a plant with human hand for scalemarigolds with seranos behind them