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Cultivated California buckwheat (front yard) flowers being buzzed by a honeybee.

white buckwheat flowers

One variety of Cultivated California Fuchsias are full bloom in the front yard. This clump regularly blooms first, the others a month or two later.

This beneficial little mantis (and other excellent insects) is why we don’t use insecticide in our yards. 🌱

mantis on a pepper plant with nearby white pepper flowers

Front yard cultivated California Buckwheat & a few butterflies (Coliadinae?). 🌱 attached white and yellow butterflies on a bed of white buckwheat flowers

Our oldest jalapeños are starting to ripen to red. We can’t get delicious ripe peppers from the local store so it is worth growing them. We’ve got a few more days of temperatures where fruit will set… and tons of flowers. Should be very productive! 🌱

a jalapeño that is slowly turning red

Front yard Toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia) is flowering now. Small pollinators are rejoicing. Maybe this winter it’ll finally have bright red berries. 🌱 small white flowers amidst slightly serrated green leaves. A small fly like pollinator sits on one flower.

First bloom of cultivated California fuchsias. The California buckwheat is about to start feeding pollinators. Toyon is next, though about a week behind last year.🌱

Western redbud has to share soil with a bird planted sunflower.

Front yard California fuchsias (or maybe the buckwheat or the toyon) are next to flower. Our fuchsias and buckwheat can flower all summer into fall and sometimes into winter. Red fuchsia flower bud getting ready to bloom

Ensalada Hybrid Tomatoes are doing extremely well in Orland, CA. No sign of end rot or any disease. 🌱

bunch of tomatoes

yellow tomato flower