One variety of Cultivated California Fuchsias are full bloom in the front yard. This clump regularly blooms first, the others a month or two later.

First bloom of cultivated California fuchsias. The California buckwheat is about to start feeding pollinators. Toyon is next, though about a week behind last year.🌱

Our back porch grapes look awesome this year! The fullest they’ve ever been.

grapes vining below a porch coverdeveloping clumps of grape flowers

While adding ½ GPH drip to the backyard Ceanothus plants, spotted this glorious lizard doing its thing on our largest Ceanothus. 🌱💚

Front yard update. Poppies are now blooming, joining the creeping sage and the Ceanothus (California Lilac). 🌱

light purple sage flowers, golden poppy flowers, and violet ceanothus flowers.

Backyard Elderberries are seeking pollinators.

yellow elderberry flowers against elderberry leaves

I just hooked up one more drip line to the little Antelco eZyvalve valve box. I think I’m done for the season reconfiguring our drip system. Time to see how reliable this thing is. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the last two valves. Spares for now. 🌱

Spring mornings in our front yard. Sage and Ceanothus are in full bloom. 💚🌱

sage (light purple) and ceanothus (violet) flowers.

Our native California grapes have been very busy over the last week! 🌱

I just installed this Antelco eZyvalve 4 Zone Valve Box. I’m very pleased so far. We’ll see how durable and long lasting it is. I’ll be connecting drip to it. It’s wired to my Rachio Gen 2 irrigation controller.

Ceanothus (California lilac) is magnificently blooming. 🌱

Took a Potensic D58 drone photo today of the backyard (bottom photo) to compare against January 2020 (top photo). Looking real nice. Fun to have unusual views of the yard.

Jan 2020 photo of lawn on top and then a 2021 photo of new garden rows at the bottom

The front yard blue oak has awakened! 🌱

Front yard update: the manzanitas are in full bloom! The poppies are trying to take over. Waiting on the Ceanothus (California lilac) to bloom… they’re the most showy.

We’re craving Manzanita flower blooms in the front yard. Almost there… 🌱

Lesser Gold Finch picking at raisins that are softened from the rain and dew.

Backlit senescing cultivated hybridized California grapes (“Roger’s Red”). So far the Northern Mockingbirds are its prime visitors for raisins. We’ve seen Lesser Gold Finches seemingly drinking water or eating bugs out of the raisin’s nooks and crannies.

The front yard California fuchsias (Epilobium canum) are still flowering and providing forage to the hummingbirds. I really need to cut these back but…. the hummingbirds! And other small pollinators!

Front yard: today and April 19. I cleaned up a lot of it today. This yard of cultivated native plants is so much more rewarding than a lawn.

Dec 11 2020 front yard, cleaned up and died backApril 19 2020 yard, very green, overgrown, with bright orange poppies

Pulling out grass from the cultivated native sage is exhausting. At least I’m perfumed with sage now.

sage full of grasssage with less grass

Backyard cultivated native elderberries decided summer is over! Yay!

Been a few years since we first wanted to mulch the backyard. Weather got nice so here we go with 10 cu yd of chips!

Here’s some hope that our trio of Scrub Jays will eat our cultivated California native grapes.

The cultivated native plants likely needed some morning water for this California heatwave. It’s like a furnace vent out there.

Another Bee’s eye view. Gorging on a Gilia. Early 2017.