Native Garden

    Poppies (1st photo) are now in full bloom and clarkias (2nd) are about to do the same. 🌱

    front yard landscape with golden poppiesmagenta clarkia flowers

    Now in bloom in our backyard: cultivated California Wild Roses (pic 1) and Elderberry (2). Still gorging themselves: ladybugs. Everywhere in our front yard. They’re just decimating aphids. Ladybugs particularly love coyote bush (3) and sage.

    wild rose flower with white flower petalsyellow elderberry flowersbright orange ladybugs all over a coyote bush

    Ladybug larva gorging on aphids gorging on sage. And nearby, a bright orange ladybug pupa. 🐞 🌱

    side view of black with orange spots ladybug larva on safe view of black with orange spots ladybug larva on sage leaf.bright orange ladybug pupa on dead sage leaves

    Today I noticed my cultivated native grapevines we’re leaking water where I recently pruned them. A quick search revealed that is totally normal. I’ll try to grab a photo tomorrow. 🤯 🌱

    … and here’s a lovely jumping spider hanging out on a manzanita leaf that’s surrounded by a creeping sage bush. Some white manzanita flowers show through the leaves.

    a hairy jumping spider on a smooth manzanita leaf.

    Our front yard cultivated native fuchsias are still blooming. All summer, with minimal added water, and into winter. Amazing plants.

    Our apricot is almost ready to overwinter. The nectarine at the bottom left is being a bit stubborn. California wild rose at the bottom right is in full growth mode.

    Our street is nicely obscured from the front yard by cultivated native California plants. They rarely get watered but has been more frequent the past two summers. California buckwheat is showy now with its rust colors and white flowers.

    Preying Mantis in our California Buckwheat (Eriogonum fasciculatum). They sure do keep two eyes on you.

    California fuchsias still blooming, and that makes our hummingbirds very pleased.

    blooming red fuchsia flowershummingbird hovering above our driveway

    Here’s my annual “elderberries are breaking summer dormancy” post.

    Before and after: California grape leaves.

    green, live grape leafa collection of fallen grape leaves

    I kept thinking that my elderberries are late waking up from summer dormancy but my log shows they wake up in early October. I’m impatient! 🌱

    California fuchsias and hidden mantis in the front yard this morning.

    Grapes are now turning to raisins but the birds still love them.

    One variety of Cultivated California Fuchsias are full bloom in the front yard. This clump regularly blooms first, the others a month or two later.

    First bloom of cultivated California fuchsias. The California buckwheat is about to start feeding pollinators. Toyon is next, though about a week behind last year.🌱

    Our back porch grapes look awesome this year! The fullest they’ve ever been.

    grapes vining below a porch coverdeveloping clumps of grape flowers

    While adding 1/2 GPH drip to the backyard Ceanothus plants, spotted this glorious lizard doing its thing on our largest Ceanothus. 🌱💚

    Front yard update. Poppies are now blooming, joining the creeping sage and the Ceanothus (California Lilac). 🌱

    light purple sage flowers, golden poppy flowers, and violet ceanothus flowers.
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