Hummingbirds love these cultivated native California fuchsias so here’s their bird’s eye view of them.

Cultivated native California grapes. Seedy & thick skinned but good to eat. Since the birds aren’t.

The birds aren’t eating the grapes, so we might as well. 😋

Watering the front yard and this hummingbird was really curious about the water and I swear the bird took a drink.

Our cultivated native California grapes are ripening! The birds will hopefully soon find them. Or we’ll enjoy them despite their massive seeds.

The last two days of 110°F heat has also resulted in our cultivated native California grapes turning to raisins on the vine.

cultivated native California grapes turning to raisins

Scrub Jay patiently waiting for the grapes to ripen.

The California Buckwheat is now blooming — cool hot pink anthers!

The toyon is in full bloom and it is impossible to photograph its flowers without pollinators. A very popular plant!

Today’s front yard Poppies and Clarkias.

Cultivated native California grapes are coming along quite well.

If only I could have got closer to this gorgeous blue dragonfly in the front yard. This super crop will have to do.

Bee butt on the first understated blooms of our cultivated Toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia).

An unidentified grasshopper of some kind on our cultivated native California wild rose. Genus _Scudderia_?

The backyard native California grapes are about done flowering and beginning to swell.

Turns out native California grape flowers ate definitely not showy but are well loved by small pollinators.

I think these are as showy as native California grape flowers get. Will report back.

Backyard elderberry in full bloom. Fence behind it is six feet tall.

Wild California Grapes are coming along — these are the flowers buds.

Front yard Clarkia update: nearly full bloom. Hoping the white lined sphinx moth caterpillars show up soon. Though, this year there is far less forage than the last. Not enough rain.

For Earth Day, bees on the elderberry and the avocado.

This HUGE bumble bee really wants the Toyon flowers to open up! Been buzzing around for several minutes.

Today’s Clarkias and Poppies.

First bloom of our backyard California wild roses (Rosa Californica)!

Snakefly hunting insects on a bed of elderberry flowers.