Went to the Grand Canyon yesterday. Over 250 photos to sort through but here’s two photos from the Bright Angel Trail. Obligatory one of the canyon and then… hops‽

look into the Grand Canyon from the bright angel trailCommon hops with a blurred canyon background

20 months since my last flight. Happily flying on a 737-7H4.

Does anyone else get yearly free download speed increases from Comcast/Xfinity or are they giving rural areas more bandwidth to look better on paper? It’s great 🤗 but I’m cynical 🤨

Six pounds of tomatoes harvested today. Total of 12 pounds this season. Ants have started aphid farming but hoping our mantises keep up! 🌱

We harvested 2.5 pounds of tomatoes today. Almost 6 pounds total so far this season. We can’t use them that fast so many go in the freezer for future processing into soup, sauce, jam, etc. Same goes for peppers reserved for hot sauce🤤

tomatoes sitting on a scale reading about 2 pounds

We have a crazy amount of tomatoes ripening all at once — this is just one plant. We have three more.😳 Marigolds we started from seed are finally blooming.

ripening tomatoes on a plant with human hand for scalemarigolds with seranos behind them

First ripe backyard garden tomato of the year. 🌱🍅 There’ll be many more to come!

Cultivated California buckwheat (front yard) flowers being buzzed by a honeybee.

white buckwheat flowers

These Santa Fe peppers are prolific! They seem to be more resistant to disease than jalapeños. 🌱

I’ve always loved listening to entire albums, as is evidence by my iOS Shortcut to randomize complete albums in track order. I don’t need that anymore. The Albums app is everything I always wanted Music.app to be. Shoutout to MacStories for letting me know about it!Albums app for iOS showing the queue as... albums. Lovely.

One variety of Cultivated California Fuchsias are full bloom in the front yard. This clump regularly blooms first, the others a month or two later.

This beneficial little mantis (and other excellent insects) is why we don’t use insecticide in our yards. 🌱

mantis on a pepper plant with nearby white pepper flowers

One day at 111°F in my sunny backyard and another at 105°F, and my Logitech Circle View doorbell has not overheated. Its circumstances: 24V 20VA transformer, north facing in the shade all day. I’m quite pleased with it.

Logitech Circle View doorbell by a red front door

Our fennel plants are managing fine in this 105°F+ heat. 🌱 a growing fennel plant

Ooof. Though I have a suspicion my weather station measures higher than it should. It topped out at 111°F today.

temperature chart

That time of the year where we temporarily shade the avocado trees as they have a hard time taking up water fast enough during 105°F+ temperatures… yeah they don’t belong here. At all. 🌱

Front yard cultivated California Buckwheat & a few butterflies (Coliadinae?). 🌱 attached white and yellow butterflies on a bed of white buckwheat flowers

Happy to say this sap sucking Leptoglossus zonatus is no longer suckling our tomato plants. 🌱

sap sucking bug on a ripening tomatocaught Leptoglossus zonatus in gloves showing its zigzag markings

These jalapeños decided they had enough being outdoors and came right off the plant during inspection. They look fit to eat though are a little dried out. 🌱

Not sure why the M4.2 Lake Tahoe earthquake event isn’t showing up in the RaspberryShake app but my Shake definitely detected it. I did not feel it.

Our oldest jalapeños are starting to ripen to red. We can’t get delicious ripe peppers from the local store so it is worth growing them. We’ve got a few more days of temperatures where fruit will set… and tons of flowers. Should be very productive! 🌱

a jalapeño that is slowly turning red

Partner made Boston cream pie (dessert after an amazing ribeye). 🤤

First bloom of cultivated California fuchsias. The California buckwheat is about to start feeding pollinators. Toyon is next, though about a week behind last year.🌱

Western redbud has to share soil with a bird planted sunflower.

YesPlz #129 nailed our preferred roast (medium-ish). First time with YesPlz. Was well balanced and not overly acidic. YesPlz (weekend roast) on the left, Tres Pontas (weekday roast) on the right. Basically the same perfect roast but very different beans.