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I planted two Asian pear trees today. A New Century (1st photo) and a Hosui (2nd photo). They’re from Stark Bro’s. These may be the last fruit trees I ever plant.

We’re ending the year with disco fries. Everyone, have a good start to 2022.

Last night. Winter views like this make slogging through summer worth it.

As is annual tradition, made caramel the other day. Every batch is unique. Compared to last year, the caramels are harder but bolder in flavor.

😬 this backgammon game ended more intensely than expected. I won 🙌

I had rain gage issues the last big rain & wind storm. A mast pole was slightly loose so I wedged it in tighter. I also added weight to the bottom of the structure. It is level and the tipping bucket is not sticky. Hope that increases accuracy in wind despite shrubs.