Lots of people with Covid at my workplace. I think the worst I’ve seen.

    Covid booster ✅ Flu shot ✅

    We got the JJ Covid-19 vaccination very early this year so of course we just went and got Pfizer boosters 🙌

    If you live in California, please vote no on the recall of Governor Newsom. There’s literally no good reason to upend State government right NOW. Things are as good as they can be under the circumstances – frankly, better than I expected. He’s made mistakes but nothing fireable.

    J&J Vaccine ✅ thanks, quick call list!!

    Pecan Squares instead of Peacan Pie. And as we’re not having Thanksgiving with anyone, dessert is a day early! 😋

    I’m very thankful that my family is supportive of not getting together for Thanksgiving and very likely Christmas. We’ve so much hope for next year being (eventually) so so much better.

    Today, first time in weeks flour and sugar could be bought 🥳 go King Arthur flour!

    Today we donated all our U.S. stimulus money to the local food bank.

    Never knew my penchant for buying cleaning supplies weeks in advance of running out would be useful during a pandemic. Thankful for my insanity under normal circumstances!

    We had been planning a May trip to Germany for a few years. We’re cancelling it. We're patiently waiting to get a refund for airfare. We’re glad to have booked cancellable hotels and trains. Our German friends are encouraging a visit next year.

    Our local grocery store’s distributor ran out of eggs by the dozen. 😕

    I’d say nationwide telework went very well this last week. Only had a few hours of repeat VPN disconnections. Bandwidth was not constrained relative to my home internet. Good job, CIO staff!

    Working from home today - nationwide stress test of VPN.

    Glad lots of people are learning about public library eBooks. My library in rural California has had them for a while now and I love it. They’re also open saturdays!

    Not going anywhere unless necessary so time to try Sous Vide London Broil. Just under two pounds of meat held at 132°F/55.6°C for 8 hours. Just salt and pepper for the beef. Will sear it to finish.

    At the USDA, I’m not allowed to telework as I haven’t been personally affected by SARS-CoV-2. I’m capable of telework and I prefer it. Guess they’re waiting for mass infections at workplaces first. USDA significantly curtailed telework ~two years ago.

    There’s a retirement party this Saturday. Could be up to 100 people. So far it’s not postponed or cancelled. I started getting very anxious over SARS-CoV-2 so I’m no longer going.