I really enjoyed Hawkeye. A lot of fun. Hailee Steinfeld is great as Kate Bishop (… and Emily Dickinson).

I had rain gage issues the last big rain & wind storm. A mast pole was slightly loose so I wedged it in tighter. I also added weight to the bottom of the structure. It is level and the tipping bucket is not sticky. Hope that increases accuracy in wind despite shrubs.

Listening to last week’s Accidental Tech Podcast– I’m befuddled by Marco Arment’s inability to boot an M1 Mac Mini without any human interface devices. Mine does it just fine. Perhaps the trick is rebooting it using Screen Share? I dunno. The Mac Mini is a great server for me.

“What was my Fujifilm Recipe?” macOS Shortcut update: exiftool now preserves the original file dates (-P) and it now overwrites the original file (-overwrite_original). I also added a Shortcut example for batch processing photos using a selection in Finder. Find all this on the Shortcut’s webpage.

I didn’t feel the M 6.2 - 38km W of Petrolia, CA earthquake in Orland but it was easily recorded on the @raspishake.

Had homemade Korean pancakes (jeon) tonight. Filled with leftover banchan used in last night’s bibimbap.

Whole wheat waffles… smothered with definitely very healthy butter and maple syrup.

Success! First try of Hank’s Hefeweizen home brew and it is exactly what a Hefeweizen should be: delicious malt flavors and not hoppy. I’m so happy about this. Was a lot of anxiety-inducing work & waiting.

Wind and rain today in California.

Soggy House Finch.