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macOS 12 Shortcut: What was my Fujifilm Film Simulation?

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I’ve got a proof of concept macOS 12 only Shortcut to remind me what Fujifilm Film Simulation or Recipe I used for my off the camera photos. It relies on exiftool being installed and in your path (manually or via Homebrew etc). For some reason I couldn’t successfully compare dictionaries as text in an if statement so I am using hash…

So this first version is tested on Straight Out of the Camera JPEGs from an X100V (X-Trans IV class camera). It requires exiftool. Be sure to add its path if it isn’t in your system path. You also need to add your own simulations using the exact Schema in the FilmSimulations text box. Hashing is annoying like that. But for me, this is great, because I can’t be bothered to keep track of what recipe I’m using. There are a few comments in this Shortcut that may be of use for those comfortable enough with Shortcuts to try this out…

I’ll update this Shortcut as I make it more sophisticated. I apologize in advance if it doesn’t seem to work for you :-)

Oh, and of course, all built-in or slightly modified recipes come from Fuji X Weekly and Life, Unintended.

Hint: if you allow the Shortcut access to Finder’s Quick Access, you can then right click an image in Finder, go to Quick Actions, and use the Shortcut! Or, if previews/column mode is enabled in Finder, left click an image and the Shortcut will show up below the image preview. Handy!

Download this Shortcut from iCloud.com: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/d10b5f998c0f46b3a78c861b3df63f39

Changelog (I’ll update the iCloud link for each dated “release”):

v.20211124 - Remove Dynamic Range because there is too much variability. There’s enough variables that removing DR from match shouldn’t result in false-positives. This allowed me to remove recipes that only had their DR adjusted (mostly because I accidentally set the wrong DR :-p)

v.20211123 - Film Simulations that come with this shortcut are mostly from Fuji X Weekly at fujixweekly.com. I’ve tweaked some of the simulations and those have parentheticals in the keys in the FilmSimulation text box. v.20211123 - added a few more recipes I use, added missing photo file paths, restrict file input to just images. 20211121 - initial release