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“What was my Fujifilm Recipe?” macOS Shortcut update: exiftool now preserves the original file dates (-P) and it now overwrites the original file (-overwrite_original). I also added a Shortcut example for batch processing photos using a selection in Finder. Find all this on the Shortcut’s webpage.

Better B&W Recipe Detection and exif Keywords added to macOS "What was my Fujifilm Recipe" Shortcut

I know that many people choose Fujifilm cameras for black and white photography. I hadn’t explored B&W photography yet so the original macOS “What was my Fujifilm Recipe” didn’t include one specific B&W recipe ingredient: BWAdjustment (Warm/Cool aka WC). So to better match black and white recipes, I’ve added the BWAdjustment exif tag that includes Warm/Cool (WC). Unfortunately, Magenta & Green (MG) setting for black and white toning doesn’t seem to be available in exiftool.

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Shortcuts for macOS really makes me want to say many oaths 🤬

macOS 12 Shortcut: What was my Fujifilm Recipe?

NOTE: the link to this Shortcut, and then its changelog, is at the end of this page. About I’ve created a macOS 12 only Shortcut to remind me what Fujifilm Recipe or Film Simulation I used for my off the camera photos. It requires exiftool in your path (manually or via Homebrew etc). For some reason I couldn’t successfully compare dictionaries as text in an if statement so I am using hash.

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With macOS 12.0.1 Shortcuts’ Run Shell Script, Shortcuts often crashes when reading stdout text. After much experimentation, my workaround: send output to a file and then use Shortcut’s File function to read the file into the workflow.

As a follow up, I’ve updated an older Fujifilm Get Film Simulation iOS Shortcut to now include ACROS and Monochrome simulations. This has only been tested on JPEGs from an X100V. Get this not well tested iOS Shortcut here.. For everyone else, enjoy a stuffing waffle using the Velvia film simulation.

crispy stuffing waffle

I had one last use of Dropbox with a iOS Shortcut. Now that iOS 15 supports file operations anywhere in iCloud, Dropbox is a goner.

If you use recent Fujifilm camera (e.g. X100V), they have neat film simulations. I’ve made a iOS 15 Shortcut that’ll get the film sim from EXIF of a Fujifilm JPEG. Handy if you need a quick reminder about what film sim you used. Doesn’t yet work on B&W and sepia sims.

I can hardly wait for Shortcuts on MacOS. That’s my favorite announcement from WWDC. Automator never clicked for me. I’m willing to wait so bugs hopefully won’t destroy my Shortcuts or iCloud data.