• Yesterday’s planted nectarine began life here in a rather peculiar way:

  • Our 2-year old plum died so now we’re trying a “Fantasia” nectarine. 400-500 chill hours is doable here.

  • Our Mandarin tree 🌳 is ready for as-needed harvest!

  • Dancy Mandarins are so very close to perfect ripeness. Need to blush a bit more toward red.

  • 1) Valencia sloooowly ripening & 2) mandarins rapidly coloring but still a month out from peak sweetness

  • Tree says “It's not fall, but spring!”, Other Tree says “FALL!”

    The Lapins Cherry has some confused or mutated buds. It’s probably nothing to worry about. The dormant appearing plum tree, however, did not look well so I checked if it was alive. There’s still some green in a cutting so… I suppose it’s still alive. I needed to prune that branch anyway.

  • We’re starting to get some color on our Mandarins. These should be perfectly sweet by end of December 🌳

  • This “Beauty” Japanese plum has been quite temperamental. No idea if it should be defoliated by now - happened last year too. Too much water? Sensitive to daylight time? 🤷‍♂️🌳

  • My almost 2 year old plum is so fickle. It’s senescing early. After digging into the soil, I think it is water deprived. So trying adding 1 gallon per hour emitter as 0.5 gallon per hour emitters are not delivering nearly enough water. I’m also annoyed at the borer bugs.

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