That time of the year where we temporarily shade the avocado trees as they have a hard time taking up water fast enough during 105°F+ temperatures… yeah they don’t belong here. At all. 🌱

I just changed my Apple ID email address. That was scary. I think everything is fine? Took a bit of device coercing. Some needed complete log-offs, other devices figured it out on their own. Really inconsistent and that made it more scary. Hope I never have to do that again.

I think we are having a bumper crop of figs this year. Oh and we did find some tomatoes with end rot but seems localized for now. We likely added calcium to the tomatoes later than we should have. 🌱 young green figs on a fig tree brown end rot on a tomato

Pineapple Guavas (Feijoa sellowiana) are flowering. Perhaps this year they’ll fruit.

pink flower petals with red filaments and yellow anthers

Our cultivated native California Grapes are coming along very nicely. Same can’t be said for our new cherry tree (more on that later perhaps) 🌱 a bunch of green, unrobe grapes hanging in the sunshine

I’ve thinned at least a dozen nectarines off this young tree. This “Fantasia” Nectarine is incredibly fruitful. 🌳🌱

Our mandarin tree is in full bloom. 🌱🌳

The “Fantasia” nectarines are coming along. First ever crop. We’ve had to thin a dozen or so because its branches are too young. We’ll thin more soon. 🌱🌳

a young nectarine fruitthe nectarine tree

Our “Bacon” Avocado tree is blooming basically right on time as compared to last year on April 11th. It has yet to produce any fruit and it is supposed to be self-pollinating. 🌱🌳

I just hooked up one more drip line to the little Antelco eZyvalve valve box. I think I’m done for the season reconfiguring our drip system. Time to see how reliable this thing is. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the last two valves. Spares for now. 🌱

I just installed this Antelco eZyvalve 4 Zone Valve Box. I’m very pleased so far. We’ll see how durable and long lasting it is. I’ll be connecting drip to it. It’s wired to my Rachio Gen 2 irrigation controller.

The nectarine is about to start shedding its flowers. Leaves are growing. Since it is pretty young starting its second year in the ground, I’ll be super impressed if it successfully fruits. 🌳🌱

A slow, rolling bloom for the apricot this year. It didn’t fruit at all last year. Here’s hoping for a fruitful year. (it has fruited before so we know it is possible) 🌳🌱

Took a Potensic D58 drone photo today of the backyard (bottom photo) to compare against January 2020 (top photo). Looking real nice. Fun to have unusual views of the yard.

Jan 2020 photo of lawn on top and then a 2021 photo of new garden rows at the bottom

We’re finally eating our backyard Valencia oranges. Sooo good. 🍊🌳🌱

valencia orange in a handsliced valencias on a plate

Our “Bacon” Avocado flower buds are developing nicely. Also, the fig is waking up. 🌱🌳

avocado flower budsfig showing leaf growth

First apricot bloom. Hopefully, as in past years, far more will follow. Figure this flower puts pollinators on notice. 🌳🌱

This should be my last nectarine flower photo. This year. 🌳🌱

pink to magenta nectarine flower

Easiest way to deal with (perhaps) hundreds of mandarins once ripe: juice them. These have brightened to very red-orange I wonder if they are closer to tangerines?

mandarins cut in half. they're very seedy.mandarine juicemandarin tree ringed by rocks

The nectarine is up and at ‘em with many glorious blooms. 🌱🌳

Pompasetting nectarine.

First bloom today of our nectarine! 🌳 🌱

Got a warm spell in California so now I expect the nectarine to bloom any day now. The local almond trees already have.🌳🌱

The Fantasia nectarine (planted Jan 2020) is still in swollen bud stage. Has been for days. It’s sooo close to blooming. Here’s hoping it’ll produce fruit for the first time this year!

swollen lateral flower bud with a red tip

Someday we’ll figure out how to make rice noodles right. Did a bunch of experiments today and almost got there. We just want perfect Drunken Noodles and Pad See Ew.