I’m still amazed how the beta blocker Propranolol means I no longer have a physical tachycardic fight/flight response to normal situations like hobbies, people, and work. Game changer. Makes managing anxiety much easier.

    Here’s a reminder that Fujifilm’s X RAW Studio stores its camera profiles at

    ~/Library/Application Support/com.fujifilm.denji/X RAW STUDIO

    It’s a great way to keep an archive of film recipes and very easily load them to your cameras. Copy an FP1 file for a specific camera, rename it, edit it, save it, and then load it to your camera in X RAW Studio. I’m thankful that text config files are still in fashion.

    macOS WeatherCat and Meteobridge with any Supported Wx Station

    I figured out how to have WeatherCat work with my Meteobridge that connects to my Ambient weather station. Turns out it is easy to do with Meteobridge’s template system.

    In the WeatherCat Station Communications dialog, for Station Type select Generic XML (HTTP) and then enter your Meteobridge’s IP address appended with a URL encoded XML template...



    If you want more information on this XML format, see the WeatherCat 2.1 Change Log for the XML definition. For more information on building Meteobridge templates and the various possible values, see this page.

    I’d put this into the WeatherCat forums but I don’t feel like creating a new account right now.

    Here’s Annie the Cat enjoying some fresh air. She’s been sick but we’re fighting through it. #caturday

    A tuxedo cat laying on a hard floor in front of an open sloding glass door. The cat is enjoying the fresh air coming through a screen. it's bright outside with blurred grern foliage.

    This was one of two batches of mandarins juiced today for this week’s breakfast 😋

    a pile of halved mandarins, cut side up, on a red cutting board.

    I hate the MacOS login items notification that when clicked doesn’t tell me jack and furthermore the app it claims has added itself is disabled on that infernal system settings screen. I cannot figure out how to get Citrix to stop even with CleanMyMac X. 😤

    screen shot of the notification

    I juiced & pasteurized two liters worth of mandarins today. The mandarins still on the tree should hold quite a while longer even with the upcoming cold snap. #HomeOrchard #Fujifilm

    A backyard with a mandarin tree loaded with fruit and a Valencia tree. it's extremely green. Bark covers the ground and there's a weather station nearby.A counter covered in juicing equipment including a bowl full of rinds, a strainer sitting in a bowl, and very yellow juicer by Proctor Silex branded with Alex's Lemonade Stand.

    Last night an RV and car caught fire behind us. As far as I know, no one was injured. Here are better photos of the action. There was a really nice full moon last night, too, though thin clouds fuzzed it up a bit. #fujifilm

    A wide angle view of the RV and car on fire, in front of an overpass. Two fire trucks are parked in front of the blaze on a gravel lot with some ponding.Night time photo of the front half of an RV on fire along with a car parked right next to it. Flames are roaring out th front of both vehicles. An Orland Fire Department truck sits in front of it all.

    Fire fighter in full respirator equipment with a hose flooding the interior of the car that's on fire. Burning fluids drop below the car, like lava. The car is extremely charred.

    Sparks fly as a fire fighter cuts open the hood in efforts to make the burning vehicle safe.

    Nothing but a full moon and its glow. The darker seas of the moon are easily visible.

    Good news. The X Raw Studio config files (~/Library/App Support/com.fujifilm.denji) for the Fujifilm X-T5 are exactly the same as for the X100V. Only a few strings like model, serial #, and IOP (what?) are different. So it’ll be easy bringing over my film sim recipes to the X-T5.

    Thumbs up on Apple’s Shared Photo Library. We set it up to start with photos starting on 10/24, skipped the Moments, and set it to Manual. Now our Camera apps are set to Shared Library and everything is working very well. It did take quite a while to configure the shared library.

    Mantis in our happiest avocado tree.

    For the next week, ~record hot temperatures! Once again, time to protect our Hosui Asian Pear’s central leader with shade cloth. I had to lash an old pruned apricot branch to the tree stake for height for the shade cloth. The tree put on several inches in the last week! 🌱

    hosui pear covered by shade clothupcoming weather from WeatherStrip app

    These backyard figs look good but they’re not sweet. We dried them out and plan on using them in a bake in a week or so.

    Our grapes are getting plump real fast. And our volunteer conifers are super happy. They grew several inches this year. 🌱🌳

    plump cultivated native California grapestwo conifers in our backyard

    Baby “Bacon” variety avocados! Latest date I’ve seen berries on this tree. Let’s see if they’ll survive summer and winter. 🌱🌳

    Probably going to have a bumper crop of figs this year! Last year was meager. 🌱🌳

    Been several years & usually I’m behind on WiFi tech so figured it was time replace the old eero Pro with an eero Pro 6E. I only use one eero as the house is tiny. Now getting top WiFi speeds on the local network 🙌

    Pineapple guavas have been blooming for a few weeks now. The Mockingbirds love munching on the flower petals.

    Avocado flowers! 🌱🌳

    understated avocado flowers with barely any sepals. two flies are enjoying the plant.ladybugs enjoying the avocado tree.

    Here goes my second brew - a simple Bavarian Hefeweizen. With way warmer than normal temperatures I figure our house will be close to or within the ideal fermentation temperature range. 🤞

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