Continuing from the Stove-Pipe Wells village, we went to an actual Stove-Pipe Well just to the north.

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Here’s an actual Stove-Pipe Well and its historical marker. Visitors have apparently placed glass fragments and pretty rocks along its ledges:

Desert landscape with a historical plaque titled

While we were there we had a crow beg us for food (you may have seen this posted earlier):


We then headed south toward Badwater. We were hoping to visit the Salt Creek Boardwalk for potential pupfish sightings, but it was destroyed by floods. Instead first visited Mustard Canyon near the Borax Works:

A barren yellow hued hilly landscape featuring white, salt-crusted ground with sparse rocky outcrops and undulating hills, set against a backdrop of distant mountains under a clear blue sky. A small ephemeral channel meanders between hills and toward the photographer.

We continued driving south toward Badwater, where the rare and quickly vanishing lake still laps ancient shorelines! For some reason people were wading in the lake at the Badwater Basin trail area:

A vast, arid landscape with a white salt flat in the foreground, surrounded by colorful barren mountains under a blue sky with a few clouds. People are visible in the distance, wading in the shallow lake

Here’s a closer view of the shallow lake near Badwater Basin. We’re not sure what is creating the green tinge. Something is reflecting green somewhere in the lake’s water or lake bed.

A vast desert landscape with a clear blue sky, scattered clouds, distant mountains, and an unexpected brown lake tinged with green near its rocky shore. Snow capped mountains are visible in the distance.

And even closer:

A vehicle parked beside a vast yellowish body of water with a rocky shoreline, under a blue sky with scattered clouds, in a desert landscape. White crystalline material is visible along the shore.

Needless to say, Devils Golf Course was quite underwater. But you can still see some interesting mineralization along the shore:

Close-up of white gray salt minerals at the edge of the lake shore. The minerals look like polyps.

Of course, we had to take a video of the lake:

Okay. We did more that day but this seems like a good place to dock for the night. I’ll leave it at that!

Part 4 to come in a day or so. See Part 1 or Part 2 or Part 4 or Part 5