Woodpecker granaries are really neat. This one was right on a trail at Pinnacles NP. We did see an acorn woodpecker nearby though the photo isn’t great.

    A dead pine tree pecked full of holes meant for woodpeckers to store acorns.A close up of actual acorns in the holes of the granary.

    Last weekend: just a taste of the views you can have at Pinnacles National Park, California, if you take the the High Peaks Trail. #PinnaclesNationalPark #Fujifilm #GeologyMakesThePhoto

    Pinnacles of rock jut out of a hilly landscape, with their northsides in shadow and southern sides completely lit up. Vegetation is quite green with a classic kodachrome blue sky and mountain ranges along the horizon.

    Last weekend: in its most happiest habitat, predominantly here are Yellow Monkeyflowers within massive rocks at Pinnacles National Park, California. #MonkeyFlowers #PinnaclesNationalPark

    Sandwiched inbewteen massive lichen covered rocks are vertical stems of monkeyflowers showing bunches of yellow flowers. The rocks are kind of forming a small channel.

    The 2013 Dresden Christmas Market. Guaranteed to make you cheerful no matter how cold it is.

    dark evening at the Dresden Christmas Market with a lit up buildings, trees, the tops of sales shacks and a crowd of people

    Here’s me on the Snyder Creek trail gazing at the talus field, but still wanting to be out of there (rockfall is the reason for this talus). This is pretty near the end of the trail where there’s a camping area and a paternoster(?) lake, Snyder Lake.Stacey 2022 09 23 11 58 26

    Back in September we visited Glacier National Park. We didn't take the Going to the Sun Road, but opted for the lesser traveled Snyder Creek trail. Here's a couple of fuzzy caterpillars taken with a Fujifilm X100V.A yellow fuzzy caterpilarBlack and orange spiky caterpillar

    With insanity at European airports I’m thankful our early June trip to Germany was nearly flawless. We 😷managed to not get Corona (we tested ourselves before leaving though the US lifted that requirement while we were there). Almost 4 years of planning! Photo is Frankfurt Intl

    Aircraft at Frankfurt terminals

    Beetle killed trees in Saxony, Germany.

    June 6 in Munich.

    June 6, 2022: the higher regional court building in Munich (Oberlandesgericht München).

    Germany trip recap: some 787-9 photos while boarding FRA-DEN. I love it when boarding is at a stand and not a gate.

    I’m thrilled with this view of Frankfurt International from my hotel room. Great place to end this trip.

    Obligatory photo of surfers at the Eisbachwelle in Munich’s English Garden.

    Eurasian Coots in the Pagodenburger See at the Schloss Nymphenburg in Munich.

    A nesting coot in the lake and a coot on the shore foraging for food.

    Elk at Point Reyes National Seashore, California. Last March.

    From last Monday near Tomales Point in beautiful California, a genus Arctia moth caterpillar on lupins.

    red and black fuzzy caterpillar on slender pinnate lupine leaves.

    Random aircraft photo of mine from 2005 at Incheon International Airport, Republic of South Korea. You won’t see lined up 747s like this anymore.08272005 1286 IMG 2580

    From Maui earlier this month: a few more early mornings with Haleakala.

    sun peaking out from the peak of haleakalaan amazing pink dawn

    From Maui: Sea Turtle Part Photos

    Here’s a collection of sea turtle parts while on Maui earlier this month. I made ample use of the X100V’s continuous shooting mode, getting several hundred photos and out of those only about six with clearly identifiable turtle parts. They’re amazing creatures and I can spend hours watching them from a distance that won’t stress them out.

    You will likely need to tap on a photo to zoom in to see details of the turtle part(s) :-)

    Turtle fin: Turtle fin sticking out of the waves

    Head of a turtle: Head of turtle peaking out from the waves

    Another head: Head of turtle peaking out from the waves

    Yet another head with perhaps an exposed shell below and left of the head: Head of turtle peaking out from the waves

    Rear of a turtle: DSCF1804 1

    Dragon’s Teeth at Kapalua, Hawaii.

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