This is the last post in this Death Valley photo log. After the short hike at Mosaic Canyon, it began to rain pretty decently, so we headed back to Furnace Creek.

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Did you think that you’d get through this series of photos without an airplane? Hah! Here’s a Piper PA-11 Cub Special, reg. N78659, a the Furnace Creek Airport L06:

A small, blue and yellow high wing single propeller Piper Cub airplane parked on a barren flat landscape with sparse vegetation, set against a backdrop of a large alluvial fan and snow-capped mountains under a cloudy sky.

At Furnace Creek, you can witness the ants of Great-tailed Grackles. Never seen these loudmouth birds before:

Two very black slender Great-tailed Grackles are perched on a streetlamp, one on the top and the other on the supporting arm. The top one is stretched toward the sky and the other Grackle is slyly approaching the top Grackle.

Furnace Creek, which is well irrigated with a golf course, has rabbits:

A rabbit camouflaged among fallen branches and pine needles under a tree.

A Say’s Phoebe. A new to us bird, just off Airport Road there’s a path to a bird watching platform overlooking a pond at the Furnace Creek Golf Course:

A Say’s Phoebe bird, with a rust red belly and gray elsewhere, is perched on the top of a tall brown bushy weed with a grassy field in the background.

The sun managed to shine just a bit on some distant mountains. I was thankful I had my telephoto lens:

A landscape featuring layers of mountains with varying hues, a foreground of dark brown hills, and patches of yellow deposits contrasted against the terrain. The sun illuminates small patches of the mountains.

Sometimes you get unexpectedly striking photos on random road next to an abandoned lot..:

Deserted two-lane road stretching towards sun illuminated mountains under a patchy, wispy cloudy sky.

And that was the end of the trip. I’ll forego posting about the trip back home, since pretty much only the Clown Motel was worth posting about. But if you come to or leave Death Valley via Beatty, Nevada,  I do recommend a stop by EddieWorld for unique candy (and so much more). Thanks for sticking it out! 

See Part 1 or Part 2 or Part 3 or Part 4 or Part 5 or Part 6