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We’re ending the year with disco fries. Everyone, have a good start to 2022.

Beer bottle label graveyard. Tomorrow is bottling day.

fragments of sheared beer labels

Better B&W Recipe Detection and exif Keywords added to macOS "What was my Fujifilm Recipe" Shortcut

I know that many people choose Fujifilm cameras for black and white photography. I hadn’t explored B&W photography yet so the original macOS “What was my Fujifilm Recipe” didn’t include one specific B&W recipe ingredient: BWAdjustment (Warm/Cool aka WC). So to better match black and white recipes, I’ve added the BWAdjustment exif tag that includes Warm/Cool (WC). Unfortunately, Magenta & Green (MG) setting for black and white toning doesn’t seem to be available in exiftool.

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Stuffing waffles for post-Thanksgiving breakfast is now 100% a tradition.

From Maui earlier this month: a few more early mornings with Haleakala.

sun peaking out from the peak of haleakalaan amazing pink dawn

macOS 12 Shortcut: What was my Fujifilm Recipe?

NOTE: the link to this Shortcut, and then its changelog, is at the end of this page. About I’ve created a macOS 12 only Shortcut to remind me what Fujifilm Recipe or Film Simulation I used for my off the camera photos. It requires exiftool in your path (manually or via Homebrew etc). For some reason I couldn’t successfully compare dictionaries as text in an if statement so I am using hash.

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From Maui: Sea Turtle Part Photos

Here’s a collection of sea turtle parts while on Maui earlier this month. I made ample use of the X100V’s continuous shooting mode, getting several hundred photos and out of those only about six with clearly identifiable turtle parts. They’re amazing creatures and I can spend hours watching them from a distance that won’t stress them out. You will likely need to tap on a photo to zoom in to see details of the turtle part(s) :-)

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From the left: Jupiter, Moon, Saturn. Then just the moon.

jupiter, half moon, saturnhalf-ish moon